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a true love-story | Vishwa & Sawan

We know each other since 5th Grade but we were just kids then. It was in 9th Grade when I caught him staring at me once in our Library & for him everything began at that point. He suddenly developed a strong liking for me & confessed it to a bunch of my close friends & asked them for help because he was really nervous.

Its was 31st December 2009, A friend of mine helped him with a letter & a poem which he gave me & asked me if i like him back. All I could do was laugh at it & I simply couldn't control laughing. I had never seen him that way, it was weird for me.

I took good 8 months to finally confess that now I had started liking him too. But soon he left the school for Higher Secondary studies & then the communication gap increased. We could hardly talk & barely meet. 16 year old kids can not quite turn their liking into a lovey dovey relationship wihout being able to meet inspite of living in the same city.

We weren't allowed to have our personal mobile phones back then & our focuses were on different things. We thought it was just infactuation and we both moved on.

It was in our College first year when we again got in touch. But this time he had moved further away from me to Vellore for his studies & I was here. Navratri 2012 was when we saw each other again face to face & something stricked. We started chatting again & being more like friends.

He then came to Vadodara in December end for a tiny vacation & we decided to meet this time. History repeated itself & it was coincidentally 31st December again. Me & my best friend went to meet him & we don't know why we decided to meet at EME Temple. We did spend quality time & enjoyed each other's company and were super comfortable with each other.

When i asked my friend if I should really go out with him, she had only one answer "I have always thought of you both to be absolutely perfect for each other, so if you feel even a bit for him then just do it".

That was it, I took the decision & I asked him if he wanted to give US a try.

We decided to get together on 3rd January 2013 & then there was no looking back.

We are so proud of ourselves to have overcome a 7 year long - Long Distance Relationship filled with tones of memories, all kinds of it.

You can say this is truly a RAB NE BANADI JODI story, considering the fact that we randomly thought to meet at a temple that day & decided to begin our Forever Together Story.

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