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Aashita & Rit | covid wedding

Updated: Jan 9

The most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't the ones who catch your eyes first but are the ones you could talk with for hours and still have millions of things to ask and talk about. The people who have minds and hearts so lovely and special, you can't help but fall in love with them and cherish them forever. Aashita and Rit’s story is a very sweet reminder of how two dots connect in a simplistic yet beautiful way. They show us how effortlessly love can flow and how two souls can be in perfect sync. They were connected through family freinds and a few call exchanges later they met for a coffee. A small coffee date led to hours of chatting, leading to a beautiful story. Love has the power to connect two people magically. From being strong willed to being compassionate, both of them tell us how people in love balance each other out. Aashita, the jolly and cheerful one compliments Rit, the shy and romantic one, in all the wonderful ways. What is more romantic than Rit going down on one knee, proposing Aashita to marry him in the Central Park of the concrete jungle?

From planning to have a big fat Indian wedding to having an intimate covid wedding, they knew they had their loved ones in spirits from all around the world.

Beautiful stories like theirs make us believe that love is the greatest blessing the universe has provided us with and House of Stories was ecstatic to capture their moments of love, joy and celebration and wishes them a lifetime of happiness.

Creative Head : Pranav Dave

Filmed By: Pranav | Rahul

Edited By: Dhrumil j.

Photography By: Pranav | Dhrumil p.

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