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Avani & Nisarg | Wedding Set

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Avani Says Our story goes this way: We met through some common family friends. our parents first met and were happy with the bond and decision was then left to both of us. We started talking while i was in hostel and nisarg was in navsari during december 2018. While we chatted for the first time it just went on for hours together. That day itself somewhere we both knew that we had something and this was gonna be forever. We had our first video call 2-3 days later and we saw each other for the first time. We both had never had any relationships priorly and this was the first time we were into it. That was the most wonderful part of this relationship. The excitement of everything was to a different level.

Talking to each other each passing day our trust in each other and the relatioship grew. We were sending gifts to each other as we were far apart. Those moments of care, concern and love showered through cards, gifts and roses was wonderful. The beauty of arranged marraige is that families also put in their efforts so that the relationship shines to the highest. our families did the same. Sending us for tours, allowing us to spend most of the time led us to know each other more and more and love blossomed. While I was studying we decided to get engaged in April 2019. I completed my studies and we started to live in Pune as nisarg was already there. We settled down and Nisarg had to leave for germany in less than a month's time. In past few months we hardly had any time to spend time and there it was again. he had to leave for around 4 months. Again the Video calls began and these 4 months made us realise all the more that be it anything we could not live without eachother. nothing mattered if we could not be together. We owe it to god that we met and completed each other. We have common goals is what we realised. We always wanted and would want to face any obstacle and enjoy every happiness and success together.

Thinking about this journey we always feel that relationships are really made in heaven. Its all that is already decided. when you meet that person you get that voice from within you get that trust that yes this is the person made for us and whom we want to live for. We experienced that and continue to till date by the grace of god

Filmed By: Pranav Dave | Deep Gurjar | Rushi | Chirag | Rahul

Edited By: Kushal Pagar & Pranav Dave

Photography By: Pranav Dave | Darpan Pandya

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