• Pranav Dave

Truly a land of wonders ! | Dhaval & Vishva | Jaisalmer

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Why Jaisalmair? Being in US for more than decade the thing I missed most is our rich culture and heritage. That being one of the reason why we always wanted to incorporate the historical landscapes of India in our pre-wedding photo shoot and we could not think of any other place than “The Golden City” Jaisalmair to meet our needs. We spoke to our photographers at The Wedding goal about our choice and after a detail conversation with them we could already feel what an amazing shoot it was going to be. They helped us plan everything in detail from picking outfits to deciding locations for the shoots. After the shoot what we felt that Jaisalmair is truly a land of wonders, its historic past, culture, nature and heritage gave us a lot to explore and not only that but it also gave a pre-wedding shoot of our dream.

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