• Pranav Dave

Dil Mil Story | Nishant & Chandni

The myth “You’ll find Love if you stop looking for it” turned out to be true in Nishant and Chandni’s case. They both became friends over Dil Mil. They only spent two weeks before Nishant had to move to NY for a job opportunity. Their story is a perfect example of how love conquers distance. They spent almost a year and a half apart, yet became close over long facetime calls and frequent monthly meetups. Chandni moved to Louisville and the hard part was now over! Being in the same city made us realize how we balance each other beautifully.

All the patience, hard work and commitment to maintain a long distance relationship had paid off. We were now able to enjoy and explore together. We take trips together, get together on weekends and cook, and bring out each other’s competitive sides over table tennis and uno. In May 2018 we got engaged in presence of our parents, close family and friends and set to get married end of next year in India!

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