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Urvi & Deep | Intimate Wedding

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

“Nothing but unexplained thrill of sharing life together and to cherish each other on same wheel of future”

Urvi and deep smoothly turned their arrange marriage to love marriage within no time.

The journey started when deep wore black shirt to their first meeting and charmed urvi with her favourite colour. Later the first meeting rolled to numerous dates and endless conversations with sips of coffee and empty plates. Within no time both the families came together to bring these two together for life.

While deep is supporting his family business Urvi on the other hand single handedly runned her father’s business when he wasn’t well.

While deep is calm and suttle urvi is bold vibrant.

The phrase “opposites attract” is made for our couple. Time flew quickly both of them were finally ready to tie knot in presence of their friends and family.

They chose quarantine intimate wedding over destination grand wedding. For them the belonging for one other was more important than the grandeur.

All the pre wedding functions were conducted in their house where they have lived for years and shared memories. Haldi was over like a colour play in a hall with dancing and laughter all around their closed ones. A room full of blessings, love, smiles and food with not more then fifty people around is the witness of pure bliss. They took their vows in a farmhouse over navsari with their closed ones.

The house of stories feels privileged to witness and capture a wedding filled with emotions and such a close knit people around. We were able to capture an intimate and in-house wedding function with frames of love and laughter, all ready to create a beautiful memory album. The team experienced the longing of the rituals and togetherness, House of stories wishes nothing but a life full of love and joy for our adorable couple.

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