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Karan & Disha | Wedding | 2020

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Some may call our story a coincidence but we call it fate.

We were born on the same date, same year, some 100 miles and 60 minutes apart !

We both were introduced to each other through a mutual friend and immediately fell head over heels.

We kept on meeting afterwards whenever we can as we both were living in different cities but the long distance did not fade our feelings instead it kept on getting stronger. Soon we realised we were pieces of puzzle which fit perfectly together and we definitely can spend lifetime together 😅 so we decided to introduce our families, only to be surprised by the fact that our family already knew each other through their common friends

The story of how we met is definitely weird. I think all these coincidences make our relationship that extra bit special, definitely.

After almost 3 years from the date we first met we decided to get married

For some reason it definitely feels like fate that we found each other.

Creative Head : Pranav Dave

Filmed By: Pranav | Rahul

Edited By: Dhrumil j.

Photography By: Pranav | Dhrumil p.

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