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It's official | Malvika & Shivam

Updated: Feb 3

Malvika - being a social butterfly was expected to end up in a love marriage. But no, it never worked out with anyone. One of my best friend and also my cousin found her love on matrimonial site so thought of giving it a try. Using it for around a year or so, i was so hopeless that I had made my mind to delete my account and the same moment a notification popped up. I had a match. We started chatting, chats shifted to whatsapp and then to calls and frequent meetups. There he was, Shivam, extremely good looking, polite, kinda sweet and extremely busy with work, an architect by profession. I never expected, I would find my soulmate through a matrimonial site (cliche) . We dated for 3 months, got to know each other and we got sure about each other. Then the families met and they blended so well and things kept on moving in positive direction. And then came the day, when I was officially declared to be his, our ‘God dhana Ceremony’. It was magical, the vibes of the day, the venue and of course him. The photoshoot prior to the function made our feelings about each other even clearer, we were so close in a moment and holding hands in the other. Thats us Malvika and Shivam .

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