• Pranav Dave

Old school story | Nidhi & Jack | New York

I have a very unique old school story of meeting each other. It all started with random phone top-up back in ‘07 in India. I was at the shop with one of my friend to top-up my phone & fix my ipod. The very next day I received romantic “Shayari”(short poetry) text from unknown number. I did ignored it first but then, the curiosity led us to being friends. Jack then moved to United States & we lost touch for about a year. Both busy in our own world, all of a sudden I get this text from unknown number once again with a “Shayri”. Never in my dream I had imagined, he would contact me the minute he landed in India during summer ’09 & I still had the same cell phone #, which worked out pretty well. LOL. When I moved to States in ’09 we managed to keep in touch despite being in different states. He used to live in New Jersey & I was living in Connecticut. That 100 mile distance didn’t, mattered to him when he came first time to see me in Connecticut. That was the time he knew, “I was the ONE for him.” I could feel the Spark between us in that moment & shortly after, around Thanksgiving, we started dating.

I always had a thing for New York City. It holds a special place in our Heart. We chose Central Park in particular because I spent my first spring break there and in the city with him. And as any New Yorker may say, “there is always something for everyone. Let it be big lights, lots of sparkle or something quieter, New York’s got you covered.” We were casual and candid so that our chemistry could be perfectly captured. We cannot wait for our big day to arrive & spend the rest of our lives together!

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