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2 States Became one | Preeti & Adithyan

Updated: Mar 10

We were friends before.

Working in one team in Infosys since 2014.

We used to go together for coffee breaks and have blast, so many talks, giggles and laughter.

We used to share our life stories, family stories and go on trips with friends. I don’t remember having a dull moment with him.

We became close. We never proposed each other. It just started. We don’t have any specific day or date we can say we started dating. It was more of friendship and care that got us together here today.

He is caring person, not just for me but for everyone around, be it Friends or family. He pushes me to become a better person everyday. In our relationship I am more cranky and choosy where in his case he is always happy, excited, full of life and ready for everything.

When I am at my low, he is there to pull me back and make me feel more comfortable.

His actions speak thousand times louder than his words. He makes me feel special in all ways.

He treated me the best way I could have ever imagined. He was always sure about us. And that made me fall for him even more. We are each other’s best critic and go to person for everything. I am happy that I am engaged to my friend with whom life is pretty easy now.

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