• Pranav Dave

"Forever is composed of nows." | Purti & Sneh | Pre Wedding

Updated: Apr 23

Our love story is your normal everyday college romance ended up as two souls connected for eternity. We started as best friends in college then in a year we fell for each other . It's been over 7 years since she said yes. We are poles apart from each other. On a weekend night purti wants to watch typical bollywood karan johar movie whereas Sneh wants to again dwell in a nolan or Tarantino classic. She loves gossip and can do it for hours and hours. All he wants to discuss is history, science and technology. He is the calm to her ever changing mercurial life. She brings color of joy to his black and white encoded and scripted world.

People always say that opposites attract. But what people don't mention is the binding force between the opposites. For 4 years we have been in a long distance relationship after our college years. This couldn't have been possible without the binding force. For us that binding force since last 7 years is unconditional love and respect for each other. ( and obviously love for food)

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