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Love gives us a fairy tale | Sonali & Nisarg | Wedding Blog

Updated: Mar 10

Once in a lifetime there comes a time, right in the middle of an ordinary life, when love gives us a fairy tale. When you look at Sonali and Nisarg's wedding story you realise the great volume of love and emotions a wedding holds. Bronzed with elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty, is the woman who walks down the aisle, but the true beauty of this bride lies in the eyes of her groom. So here is to groom with a bride so fair and here is to the bride with a groom so rare. A wedding is a turmoil of emotions for the parents whose children are getting married. A wedding is an event where the whole family comes together. It’s that one time when the best of all is taken into consideration to make it a wedding that will be remembered through the years to come. However, the emotions are usually mixed and so strong that most of it brings tears to the eyes. The time when parents saw their grown-up little Sonali as a bride with her gleamimg smile, ready for the next big chapter of her life, indeed their heart skipped a beat. You’ll find them blinking back tears, with their hearts full of love and blessings for their Sonali and Nisarg. This is what so authentic about weddings, it brings families together, it celebrates love, it celebrates not just the union of the couple but a lifetime union of families, bonded with love.

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